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Maintenance is Key

In order to minimize the likelihood of replacing your garage door too soon, we highly recommend you complete the following items once a year:

Look for Cracks: Water can ruin a wooden garage door. Take a knife or screwdriver to poke along the bottom of the door and along the trim where water may accumulate. If your screwdriver goes through, you have an issue that must be repaired. Check the door when it's down to make sure it's level and sitting on the rubber seal.  By keeping the wood sealed and stained regularly helps. Do not use acid or other harsh cleaning chemicals around wood garage doors.  If you are cleaning the driveway be sure to raise the door to a level these chemicals cannot get on the wood.  Harsh chemicals from cleaners can penetrate stain and sealers ruining your door and is not covered under door manufacturer warranties. 

Check for Pests: Termites and wood beetles can also be an issue with wood garage doors. If you see more than few bugs like beetles or termites, consider calling a pest control company.

Refinish Garage Door: If your garage is looking dull, it's time to stain and seal it again.  A good stain and seal will last 5 years minimum. This is also a good time to change the color if you desire.

Check Hardware: Manually raise your garage door. If it doesn’t stay open, there could be a problem. Make sure the door rollers are lubricated. Also, listen if the door is making louder noise than usual. Scraping and screeching are not normal. Make sure all screws are tightened before calling a contractor.  We do recommend you schedule a regular tune-up once a year with your garage door repair company. They will check the safety of your system and make sure it is operating as it should be.

LiftMaster Wall Controls

-Equipped with a 150° sensing angle Motion detector automatically turns on Garage Door Opener lights when movement is sensed.

-Don't forget to close the garage door again. Timer-to-Close will automatically close the door after a preprogrammed number of minutes.

-Set the Lock Function to disable all outside remote control signals while you’re away.